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Sales -- Sales Representative

Japanese electronic device maker is hiring a Sales Representative. This position is responsible for the proactive sales of the organization’s products to the designated distribution channel and diligent completion of related support tasks. Japanese language skills a plus.

Detail 5/6/2020   Job No. RH9474   Apply

Sales -- Marketing

Japanese company is looking for Marketing Assistant/Customer Service Staff. Entry level candidate with internship experience in marketplace such as Amazon and ebay can be considered. At least 1 year of marketing assistant experience is preferred. Please ask for more details.

Detail 5/6/2020   Job No. YS7917   Apply

IT -- Systems Engineer

Japanese company is looking to fill Senior Security System Engineer position. The Security System Engineer is responsible for the overall health and operation of our access control, Video Intercom, IP Video Systems, Visitor management Systems for all of sites. At least Five years of experience in the access control, IP Video and Networking is required.

Detail 5/5/2020   Job No. YS7912   Apply

IT -- Project Manager

Japanese company is looking for Project Manager. He/she is responsible for planning, designing, initiating and managing information technology (IT) projects, IT Facility infrastructure (server room, cabling, and data center environment), voice network, server, PC, audio visual system and physical access control system. 2~3 years of project management experience in IT field is required.

Detail 5/5/2020   Job No. YS7910   Apply

IT -- Quality Assurance/ Tester

Japanese company is seeking for Maintenance Engineer.He/she is responsible for Maintaining strict compliance with all Federal, State and Local codes, regulations and standards and performing preventative tests and analyze data to ensure the proper functioning of all base building and critical system equipment. 2 year degree in a relevant field or equivalent experience is required.

Detail 5/5/2020   Job No. YS7909   Apply

IT -- Networking/ Telecom. Engineer

Japanese company is looking for Network Engineer. Experience of design/development/implement/maintenance the medium scale network and IT System for more than 5 years is required. Experience of configuring and maintaining routers, switches, and firewalls of Cisco/ Juniper/ Ext re me is must as well.

Detail 5/5/2020   Job No. YS7907   Apply

IT -- Networking/ Telecom. Engineer

Japanese IT company is seeking Network Engineer at client's site. Experience with Cisco, Palo Alto and other major network vendor's devices, software and services and Unix/Linux and Windows server operation and maintenance. ? Security software and solutions for servers and PCs required.

Detail 5/5/2020   Job No. YS7904   Apply

IT -- Software Engineer (ERP, CRM, etc.) (Software Verification Tester)

A Japanese software company is looking for a Software Verification Teader in Peachtree, GA. This is a position that will be in charge of?testing and assuring the quality of all features developed through, unit testing, regression testing, user acceptance testing, etc.

Detail 4/29/2020   Job No. RH9471   Apply

Engineering -- Electrical/ Electronics Engineer

Major transportation manufacturer is looking for a Systems Integration Engineer. The Systems Integration Engineer is primarily responsible for resolving engineering issues and ensuring successful subsystem & systems integration for various rail car projects. The position will be required to have understanding in all aspects of the system integration engineering for the assigned systems. Topics managed by this position can relate to System Functions, Functional Interface, Electrical Interface, Mechanical Interface, Asset Management and Test Equipment.

Detail 4/22/2020   Job No. RH9469   Apply

Sales -- Sales Representative

The automotive relative company is seeking a career-oriented Sales Representative in Torrance, California and other locations as well. Candidate must be fluent in Japanese.

4/13/2020   Job No. RH9466   Apply

Medical -- Other-Medical/ Pharmaceutical (Sales and Development)

A Japanese Medical company is looking for a Sales and Development position in Osaka, Japan. The main duties will be delivering sales activities in both English and Japanese, Collaborating with in-house members from different department such as R&D, Sales, and Production. Technical knowledge is not required. Experience in overseas is required. Business trip are needed depending on projects approximately 20-25%.

Detail 3/27/2020   Job No. SK9084   Apply

IT -- Networking/ Telecom. Engineer

IT company in NY is hiring a Server Engineer. Experience in construction and operation of VDI. Experience in construction of Cloud Server such as AWS or Azure.
Ability to speak, write, and read Japanese is preferred. Understanding of Japanese business practice is preferred. H1B support will be considered.

Detail 3/27/2020   Job No. SK9083   Apply

IT -- Other-IT (System Integration Engineer)

Japanese IT company is looking for Entry/Mid-Level System Integration Engineer. Competitive benefit plan with flexible hours! Direct Hire.

3/19/2020   Job No. RH9456   Apply

IT -- Other-IT (RPA Consultant/Developer)

Japanese IT consulting company is hiring for RPA Consultant/Developer! Experience with RPA, UiPath, Viasual Basic, C##, HTML would be big plus!

Detail 3/16/2020   Job No. RH9451   Apply

Sales -- Sales Manager

Japanese beauty product maker is hiring a Sales Manager. The Sales Manager develops sales strategies in department stores to support the company’s growth objectives. Key focuses for this role are on sell-in and sell-through strategies and execution, as well as strategically planning and executing sales activities to ensure optimal success. Self-motivated candidates are welcome.

Detail 3/12/2020   Job No. RH9448   Apply

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