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Regarding Job Search(for Candidates):QUICK USA

Regarding Job Search(for Candidates)

A. Yes. Our services are completely free for all candidates. From registration to employment, there will be no fee. This is because we act as a mediator between a company (an employer) and a job seeker. We receive payments from a company that uses our staffing services.

A. Yes, you can register with us at any time. However, many companies are looking for an applicant who can start working immediately, please let us know your estimated start day in advance. Upon completion of the registration, we will send you the latest job information and other related news. Sooner you act to obtain job related information, easier your job search becomes later, so we recommend you register with us as soon as possible.

A. We accept online registration from anywhere in the world. However, currently it is very difficult to get a work visa in the United States. Applicants must comply with all the requirements for visa application. Please understand that we may be unable to introduce you jobs (excluding an exceptional case where you hold a special qualification).

A. To use our Job Search/career Change Support Services you need to complete our simple and free registration. There are two different ways of registration:
a. Online Registration
You can upload your English resume (Word or PDF) and register on our website.
b. Express Registration
If you have limited time, simply send us an email to quick@919usa.com with your resume (Word or PDF) attached.

A. Upon completion of registration, our recruiting consultants will contact you when there is a job opening that matches your requests and career background. Our recruiting consultants will talk to you about the position face to face or interview you via Skype to discuss how you feel about the position. If you want to proceed with your application, we will send your resume to an employer. We will coordinate your interview date with a company on your behalf. Our recruiting consultants also communicates with you about job status updates.

A. We do not offer unpaid internship positions. However, we can introduce you a direct-hire fulltime, part-time, and temporary positions. If you are looking for a paid internship opportunity also known as CPT (Curricular Practical Training), please contact us.

A. All personal information is strictly managed, and we pay great attention when handling your information. Your personal information is kept confidential. We contact you first when we send your resume to a potential employer.

A. Yes, you can cancel your registration at any time. After we receive your request, we will delete all your personal information including your resume. For cancellation, send us an email to quick@919usa.com.

A. When you register with us, there is a section where you can enter a desired location and job type. We can offer you a wide variety of jobs in the U.S. including management, IT, finance, sales, accounting, human resources, general affairs, etc. When there is a position that matches your experience, skill sets and career plan, our recruiting consultants will contact you.

A. You can update your resume on our website(www.919usa.com). You can also edit other information including a position or industry that you are interested. Log into your QUICK USA account and then replace your resume with the updated version. You can also send us an email with an updated resume attached.

【Contact Us】

New York Office (Headquarters)
150 East 52nd Street, Suite 17001 New York, NY 10022
Phone: 212-692-0850
E-mail: quick@919usa.com

Los Angeles Office
970 W 190th Street, Suite 590 Torrance, CA 90502
Phone: 310-323-9190
E-mail: quickla@919usa.com

Orange County Office
2211 Michelson Dr., Suite 900, Irvine, CA 92612
Phone: 310-722-3813
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Dallas Office
5525 Granite Parkway, Suite 640 Plano, Texas 75024
Phone 214-563-4248
E-mail: quicktx@919usa.com

Chicago Office
10 N. Martingale Road Suite 400, Schaumburg, IL 60173
Phone 646-796-6393
E-mail: quickil@919usa.com

Atlanta Office
303 Perimeter Center N, Suite 300, Atlanta, GA 30346
Phone 404-706-5266
E-mail: quickga@919usa.com

A. It depends on the job requirements. Often companies are seeking for a candidate who can start immediately. A position with a visa sponsorship is usually for people who currently live in the U.S. and are authorized to work such as OPT, H-1B or E-visa.

A. Compared to full-time positions, we rarely get position openings for such working hours. However, when we see one that matches your request, our recruiting consultants will contact you. We do our best to offer you a job that suits your lifestyle. After you register your resume, you can consult our recruiting consultants about a position or kind of job you are looking for.

A. Although we do not get part-time requests very often, let us know your desired working schedule (hours and days) so we can contact you when we get the request. We also have one-time job, such as an event assistant at venue on weekend. Please contact us if you are interested.

A. Unlike Japan, there is no fixed time of year for job hunting in the United States.Employers need a staff expansion due to a new project or seek for a new employee due to a staff’s resignation. Many employers do not have time to post a job online, so they consult us to find a candidate on their behalf using our extensive candidate database. When you use a recruiting agency, you will find out about a new job opportunity faster than those who are not using the agency.

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Upon completing registration, if you wish to have a career counseling session with our recruiting consultants, please contact us at quick@919usa.com.