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Japanese/English Interpreter

A Japanese company expanding into the United States is looking for an interpreter. No experience in the industry is required, and we are open to a wide range of consultations as long as you have 2 years or more of experience as an interpreter. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13209   Apply

Sushi Chef or Fish Disassembly Staff

A major Japanese retail group is looking for Sushi Chef.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13073   Apply

Sushi Chef

A major Japanese retail chain in Hawaii is looking for a sushi chef.

4/22/2024   Job No. 12150   Apply

Information Systems Manager

Japanese heavy machinery company looking for Information System Manager

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13258   Apply

Account Executive

Our company is a high-end auto parts manufacturer. We are currently seeking a talented Account Executive who will maintain strong business relationships with your customer base, acquire new customers, and contribute to the company's sales. As an Account Executive, you will be responsible for managing your accounts as well as focusing on new business development.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 12941   Apply

Bilingual Engineering Manager

As an Engineering Manager at a Japanese bilingual welding machine manufacturer, you will be based at our Alabama facility in the United States. While this facility operates as a distributor, we specialize in customizing machinery to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13282   Apply

Vacation Rental Assistance

Leading Japanese real estate company is looking for Vacation Rental Assistance.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13095   Apply


A Japanese-affiliated company is looking for an admi.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 12514   Apply

Outside Sales Representative (Japanese/English Bilingual)

​​​​​​​The person in this role should be a motivated self-starter with the ability to manage key accounts for the purpose of maintaining and increasing both sales and gross profit. This person will be responsible for promoting the company and key manufacturers and suppliers the company aligns with from a strategic standpoint.  

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13279   Apply

Regional Sales Manager

As a regional sales manager you will be in charge of promoting and selling Company`s pneumatic parts with good knowledge and understanding of hydraulic and pneumatic industry.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13253   Apply

Sales Administrative Assistant

The main duties of the Sales Administrative Assistant (80%) include: organizing sales presentations and preparing materials, maintaining and updating sales and customer records, conducting data entry and updating sales activities, contacting customers, collaborating with the Procurement Department, and reporting inventory or service-related issues. Other responsibilities encompass general affair administrative work (10%) and miscellaneous activities (10%).

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13270   Apply


Japanese manufacturing company is seeking an entry level interpreter / Administrative coordinator

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13217   Apply

Inside Sales

A chemical material trading company is seeking inside sales position.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 11382   Apply

Sales & Marketing (For OPT)

A Japanese-affiliated company is looking for a sales and marketing person.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 12471   Apply

Technical Account Manager

You will work for a company that has a good working environment and at home environment to expand their business into the Manufacturing domain. Your primary work will be as a sales professional to reach out and cultivate new clientele as well as taking care of existing clients.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13164   Apply

QC Operator

• Maintain an efficient and clean testing area. • Maintain accurate testing results. • Provide input to management on any abnormalities and improvements or changes occurring in the testing of products. • Maintain charts by plotting data, recognizing points out of control and process shift. Interpret work instructions per ISO 9001 and 14001.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13281   Apply

Japanese Bilingual Software Engineer (.NET / SQL)

​​​​​​​A Japanese IT company is looking for a Software Engineer with over 3 years of experience in .NET and SQL. The role involves managing, improving, and fixing issues in the cubes within their in-house ERP system. Tasks include troubleshooting, backup, recovery, installing new cubes, and enhancing performance. Must be fluent in Japanese.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13267   Apply

Mechanical (Process) Engineer

The Mechanical Engineer is responsible for providing solutions to complex technical issues related to operation that require in-depth analysis of tangible and intangible factors and the creative use of established or innovative methods.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13277   Apply

Staff Accountant

Japanese company seeks Staff Accountant.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13015   Apply

Air Export Coordinator

As an Air Export Coordinator, you will be working in both the warehouse and the office as per the need of clients.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13284   Apply

Store Manager and Assistant Store manager

The Store Manager is responsible for performance of overall operation of the store including educating and providing instructions to all employees, creating multiple reports and send them to the Head Quarter, hiring responsibility, a variety of duties of general supervision of store personnel, to opening and closing of store and the delivery of exceptional customer service.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 20   Apply

Sales Representative

A Japanese seafood wholesaler is looking for a sales person. There will be warehouse training (in the office daily) for 3 months, followed by online training and a full remote sales position with direct travel. Office visits will occur approximately once a month.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13136   Apply


A Japanese company that handles presses, molding machines, die-casting machines, and hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for labor-saving, time-saving, and labor-saving machine tools, as well as factory automation equipment for robots, is considering its future organizational structure. We have started recruiting new personnel. Salary is also flexible, so if you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13227   Apply

Outside sales

Sales Engineer (SE) is the primary resource for the sales team and also generates new business and ensures growth of existing accounts.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 11257   Apply

Electrical Controls Engineer

A Japanese automotive company is seeking a Electrical Controls Engineer.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13062   Apply

Business Development Specialist

Working as a Business development in new branch in Novi, MI. Sales activities focusing on developing new customers.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 12067   Apply

Japanese Grocery Store Manager

The Japanese Grocery Store Manager oversees store operations, including staff management, inventory control, and customer service. Key responsibilities include achieving sales targets, budget management, product displays, employee recruitment and training, maintaining hygiene standards, and addressing operational challenges. The manager also conducts market research, ensures safety measures, and provides regular performance reports to upper management. Required qualifications and skills include proficiency in operations management, team leadership, and customer service.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 12714   Apply

Customer Service Representative

A Japanese electronic device maker is currently hiring a Japanese bilingual Customer Service Representative. ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​As a Customer Service Representative, you will play a crucial role in ensuring a positive customer experience. You will be responsible for handling customer inquiries, resolving issues, and providing exceptional service to our clients. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills, a customer-centric mindset, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment. This role requires English fluency and business level Japanese language skills. ​​​​​​​A part-time working schedule is feasible.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 12931   Apply

Sales Assistant

​​​​​​​A Japanese food company is seeking a Sales Assistant. This position is responsible for performing functions for the Sales department (including promo orders) and for handling customer service support by responding questions and complaints and explaining company products by phone and e-mail. Duties also includes supporting sales, accounting, and administrative tasks.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 12197   Apply

Sales & Trade Representative

Japanese Automotive Company is looking for a J-E Bilingual Sales & Tarde Representative

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13050   Apply

Sales Executive (Chinese Market)

Act as a liaison between our sales team and our clients, ensuring customer satisfaction. As a Sales account executive, you should showcase excellent communication and negotiation skills. You should also act proactively to address clients’ needs and facilitate the sale process from beginning to the end. Ultimately, you should contribute to an increase in sales and maintain our company-client relationships at a high standard.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13175   Apply


Under general supervision, the Sales Associate is the principal selling agent for the company and is responsible to achieve the short and long-range sales objectives. Objectives will be achieved by maintaining existing customers in their assigned area. As a Sales Associate must have a high level of flexibility. The person is required to coordinate sales activities and promotions with other employees and administrators of the company as well as customers and clients of the company with respect to their needs, concerns, and schedules.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13047   Apply

Mechanical Engineer

Japanese Automotive Company is looking for a Mechanical Engineer

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13056   Apply

【Fully Remote】Sales Representative

【Fully Remote】Automotive parts industry sales Representative for TN・AL・MI

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13061   Apply

Customer Service (Hawaii)

Overseas travel insurance, support during travel, and assistance in case of trouble (assistance with various procedures in case of illness, theft, or loss), Providing tourist information to Japanese customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 12865   Apply


A Japanese company in Honolulu is looking for an HR Assistant. Visa support available.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 12127   Apply

Bilingual Sales

A food trading company is looking for a bilingual salesperson. (Japanese-English / Mandarin-English)

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 12064   Apply


Develops sales to new accounts and existing accounts, both on an individual and team basis as a primary company representative to customers.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 11951   Apply

B2B Sales Representative

Japanese product manufacturer is looking for a B2B Sales Representative.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13261   Apply

Bilingual HR Supervisor

A Japanese IT company is seeking a Bilingual HR Supervisor

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13235   Apply

Interpreter (Chinese) / Temp

You will be responsible for interpreting between our employees and customers in the cleanrooms of our suppliers. This position is a May start with a maximum of one year.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13256   Apply

Sales Assistant

A Japanese steel related trading company in Fort Lee, NJ is looking for a Sales Assistant. We are looking for bilingual (Japanese-English) and English-only candidates to join our team.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13184   Apply

Accounting Coordinator

A Japanese heavy industry company is looking for an Accounting Coordinator. Accounting experience, Business-level English, and conversational-level Japanese are required.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13275   Apply

Branch Manager (LAX Office)

As the Branch Manager, you will be taking charge of a variety of work including the daily operations of the office and management of the local employees.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13197   Apply

Operational Key Account Manager

The Operational Key Manager will be responsible for the day to day management and direction of a the assigned account relationships. The Operational Key Manager oversees the delivery/KPIs of various services as specified in the service agreement between the parties or in customer procedures, while continuing to develop and grow the current business. Services may cut across many different phases of the supply chain and multiple vendors of the customers The Operational Key Manager generally consist of handling one strategic account in which the person is located at said account.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 12920   Apply

Assistant Branch Manager

The Assistant Branch Manager (ABM), International Freight Forwarding (IFF) ensures that both Import and Export operations (Air and Ocean) in a Large Branch in the International Division is meeting all service commitments, revenue and profit goals of the Branch. The ABM, IFF overseas the implementation of the Branch security, safety and quality systems administered by ISO 9001, TAPA, C-TPAT, AS9120 and company initiatives.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 12723   Apply

【フルリモート】Sr. Accounting Manager / Sr.Tax Manager

Japanese manufacturing company is looking for Sr. Accounting Manager / Tax manager

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13091   Apply

Senior Backend Engineer, Microservices (Go)

A tech company is seeking ​​​​​​​highly experienced backend engineers who are responsible for designing and developing backend systems for our new Identity and Access Management product. They hope to enhance the value of their collaboration software with the new product and allow their customers to experience better teamwork. It also works as an identity provider for other cloud services for single-sign-on. They will use technology such as OAuth2/OIDC, gRPC, Kubernetes, and distributed databases to build the backend of the new product. ​​​​​​​As a senior backend software engineer, you will analyze the business and technical requirements, design software and systems, and implement them by collaborating with others. You will be responsible for the quality and maintainability of your code, so you must be a very good document writer and setup continuous integration systems with a good set of tests. In the early stage, you will also be responsible for running the services on Google Cloud and dealing with incidents.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 12629   Apply

Relocation Consultant

Relocation Consultant (Agent) will be responsible for residential transactions.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 10347   Apply

Amazon Specialist

Japanese product manufacturer is looking for an Amazon Specialist.

Detail 4/22/2024   Job No. 13260   Apply

Accounting Clerk

A Japanese-owned opening company in NJ is looking for an accounting staff. Applicants can apply with as little as 1 year of accounting experience.

Detail 4/20/2024   Job No. 12845   Apply

Import Coordinator

Leading Japanese logistics company is looking for Import Coordinator.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 12367   Apply

【Remote】Accounting Staff

【Fully Remote】Japanese trading company is looking for accounting Staff

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13151   Apply

Sales Representative (Seafood/Meat) or Sales Manager for the Department (Seafood/Meat)

•  Tracking and analyzing sales statistics based on key metrics •  Handling and resolving customer complaints regarding a product or service •  Serving as the face of the organization to internal and external partners •  Developing and maintaining relationships with key clients •  Identifying emerging markets to find new sales opportunities •  Setting Sales Quotas and Goals •  Understanding overall order processing operations to provide backup for other team   (Additional job description for Sales Manager level)  • Overseeing local and regional sales, promotions, and campaigns •  Coordinating all sales activities locally and regionally • Preparing sales budgets and projections • Setting discount rates and determining price schedules • Advising distributors and dealers on policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) • Making data-informed decisions to drive performance and resource allocation • Defining and executing territory/category sales plans • Managing inventory, profit, and marketability of delegated product procurement

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 12916   Apply


A company that sells PC related products is looking for an accounting position.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13274   Apply

Human Resources/Administrative Coordinator

A major Japanese company is looking for Human Resources/Administrative Coordinator. ※‘Must have ADP experience.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13265   Apply

Sales Executive or Assistant Manager

A major Japanese company is looking for a sales person.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13042   Apply

【Fully Remote】Project Manager

【Fully Remote】 General construction company is looking for bilingual project manager

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13052   Apply

Sales Manager

Japanese company is looking for Sales Manager in Irvine CA or ​​​​​​​Farmington Hills, MI

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13239   Apply

Accountant Accounting Supervisor

A Japanese manufacture is looking for Accounting Supervisor

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 10170   Apply

VP / Director, Relationship Manager - Corporate Banking (Japanese bilingual)

Develops and manages relationships with corporate clients with emphasis on origination business and portfolio risk in the assigned business segment. Presents a range of corporate banking product solutions to meet client needs and closes sales. Provides responsive, quality service. May be assigned to geographic areas and/or specific services. Approves transactions within delegated authority. Manages overall relationship profitability and portfolio risk.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 12039   Apply

​​​​​​​Accounting Manager

A Japanese company newly expanding into the United States is looking for an Accounting Manager. No industry experience is required, and they are open to a wide range of consultations as long as you have accounting experience. This is a position where you can consider a salary of 100K or more depending on your experience. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13159   Apply

Accounting Assistant

We're hiring an Assistant Accounting Manager to support financial operations. Responsibilities include addressing accounting issues, preparing/reviewing financial statements, collaborating on tax returns, leading audits, and managing the accounting team. This full-time role requires an Associate degree in accounting (Bachelor’s preferred), 5+ years of relevant experience, proficiency in Excel, and adaptability to new technology. Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13271   Apply

Branch Manager

Essential Duties and Responsibilities • Responsible for maintaining and enhancing profitability of the branch. • Confers with customers to evaluate and promote services in all areas impacting customer service. • Plans all sales and marketing activities in conjunction or consultation with the RVP and the Corporate Sales Department. • Develops plans for efficient use of company resources (office equipment, supplies, vehicles and facility). Maintain them in good order. • Responsible for securing suitable warehouse/office space, in conjunction with company’s planning • Maintain the highest standard of customer service, business conduct, and operations control in accordance with corporate policy and values: Connected, Committed, Creative. • Accountable for all checks issuance at branch in accordance with company policies. • Conducts proper auditing of all expenditures. • Responsible for branch budget preparation and execution in accordance with Region and Corporate guidance. • Ensures continuous and satisfied communication with all other offices, domestic and international. • Maintains follow-up procedures for collection of past due invoices. • Develop and maintain a competitive and high-standard service provider resource for the branch operations such as air & ocean carriers, trucking, local service agents and suppliers. Review and negotiate on a regular basis to ensure competitive prices and services are provided. • Report and conduct thorough investigations for any service failures, accidents misconducts, security issues or claims to the concerned Dept. for immediate support and/or response. • Ensure all personnel abide by ISO 9001 quality systems and procedures, and TAPA, C-TPAT, TSA requirements. • Manages branch employees: hires, terminates; determines salaries and promotions after consultation with HR. Responsible for performance evaluations and goal setting for management staff in the branch.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 12026   Apply

IT User Support Specialist

A Japanese IT company is looking for a IT User Support Specialist. This position is responsible for Tier 1 User Support and must be Japanese/English bilingual.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 12919   Apply

PR Coordinator, PR & Branding, Sales & Marketing, the Americas

A major Japanese airline is looking for a PR Coordinator.

4/19/2024   Job No. 11948   Apply

Delivery Driver/Warehouse Staff

Drives truck and delivers products to customers. Checks products from the warehouse and loads/unloads vehicles. Production packing products and/or fileting fish and more. Receiving and stacking products at our warehouse.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13259   Apply

Purchasing Agent / Assistant

• Assists with procurement of food and non-food items from other MTC locations and vendors nationwide to secure supplies. • Monitors and analyzes daily inventory of products and creates purchasing plans based on order volume, assortment and lead time for products. • Handles shipment issues in a timely manner and escalates issues to management when needed. • Answers questions in regards to products, shipping schedules, item statuses, inventory discrepancies, substitute items. • Assists with food safety related issues and works with Sales Department to handle customer returns and complaints; escalates issues to management when needed. • Works with the Warehouse Department to ensure correct inventory quantity, satisfactory quality for physical inventory, expiration dates, damages, missing products and conducts adjustments as needed. • Assists in developing new suppliers and procurement resources. • Assists in researching new products, and provides sales representatives with information of products and how to introduce them to customers. • Negotiates price and deals with vendor for competitive cost. • Attends Company events and functions outside of normal working hours, • Performs other duties as assigned. Physical Requirements

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 12302   Apply

Sales Enginner

Visa Sponsor available Japanese Trading company is looking for a sales engineer with a strong engineering background.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13252   Apply

Executive Assistant

You will work with our CEO and COO to help us expand our business and communicate with our head office in Japan as well as internal projects.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13255   Apply

Administrative Clerk

Japanese Dietary Supplement, Skincare and Cosmetics distributor is seeking an Administrative Clerk in Marina Del Rey. This position is responsible for maintaining sales administration including processing sales orders and tracking shipments as well as developing invoices and aging reports to the Management. This position is also responsible for assisting the Management by providing various clerical and administrative tasks.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13234   Apply

Human Resources Representative

A Japanese company is looking for Recruiting Representative.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13201   Apply


A Japanese food manufacturer is looking for an Accountant/Administrator.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13098   Apply

Senior Accountant

The Senior Accountant is responsible for the administration, maintenance and general operation of corporate accounting,tax accounting, and reporting including but not limited to the supervision of account receivable tasks.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13272   Apply

Customer Service Rep

A Japanese insurance company is looking for Customer Service.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 12860   Apply

Account Manager

The Account Manager interfaces with an assigned list of accounts involving the Company’s portfolio of products. This individual is responsible for customer satisfaction, problem resolution and account retention.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13054   Apply

Junior Tax Accountant

This position will be responsible for preparing corporate income tax returns and individual income tax returns, supporting monthly closing, processing payroll, and filing other tax related documents.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 12704   Apply

Trilingual Outside Sales Associate

A Japanese food and alcohol beverage distributor is hiring a Trilingual Outside Sales Associate. In this role, you will be responsible for expanding their company's market presence in the American consumer base by initiating innovative projects, introducing new products, and implementing strategic programs. You will compile and analyze sales data, collaborate with the Purchasing Department, and manage brokers to set and achieve sales objectives. Engage with customers and potential clients, providing support, information, and actively selling our company's products. Must be fluent in English, Chinese, and Japanese. 

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13211   Apply

Bilingual Supply Chain Planner/Buyer

We are currently seeking a procurement specialist for parts at our manufacturing company. The main responsibilities include arranging and procuring parts from Japan, Thailand, China, and other countries based on order information from customers, internal inventory status, and lead times for procurement parts. Knowledge and experience in trade relations would be advantageous. Proficiency in Japanese is also preferred.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13215   Apply

Systems Engineer Help desk (Tier 1)

*Hybrid work position with great benefit* A major IT company is seeking System Engineer.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 11049   Apply

Field Service Engineer

Remote Plastic Injection Molding Machine Service Engineer providing maintenance and support for clients in Georgia or California. Tasks include remote troubleshooting, repairs, and proposing improvements. Salary negotiable between $70,000 to $100,000, with occasional on-site visits required.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13018   Apply

Ocean Export

This role involves overseeing all aspects of ocean export activities, including customer service, coordinating shipment processes, document preparation, invoice issuance, and close collaboration with our warehouse and team. Responsibilities include providing exemplary customer service, coordinating daily shipments and documentation, handling billing functions, maintaining cooperative relationships with staff, conducting ISO internal audits, and undertaking special duties as assigned. Qualifications include extensive experience in ocean export coordination, a deep understanding of the export process, exceptional customer service aptitude, strong problem-solving skills, flexibility with working hours, diligence in adhering to SOPs, and proficiency in Word and Excel. The hourly wage ranges from $23 to $26, with benefits such as medical, dental, and vision coverage, 401k, flexible spending accounts, vacation, sick leave, and more.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13273   Apply

Field Service Support Coordinator (Hillsboro, Oregon)

This position is responsible for coordinating and assisting with a variety of administration functions including Field Service Engineer support, shipping/receiving, purchasing, and sales and service support.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13232   Apply

Modifications Technician

We are seeking an engineer to primarily focus on modifying plastic injection molding machines before product shipments. This role requires no direct communication with clients, and tasks involve executing specific instructions provided by superiors. While no specialized skills are necessary, the ability to interpret electrical schematics and carry out modifications based on supervisor guidance is essential.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 13019   Apply


Leading Japanese logistics company is looking for an Analyst.

Detail 4/19/2024   Job No. 12361   Apply

Administrative Assistant Manager

A Japanese electronic device maker is currently hiring a Japanese bilingual ​​​​​​​Assistant Administrative Manager. This role entails ​​​​​​​assisting in the development, performance and maintenance of the administration team providing general office and administration support to the organisation.

Detail 4/18/2024   Job No. 12577   Apply

Logistics Supervisor

Japanese electronic device maker is hiring a Logistics Supervisor. This position is responsible for supervising the day-to-day warehouse operations. Responsibilities include cost efficiency, continuous improvement on processes, service, and safety. The Warehouse Supervisor coordinates the receiving, shipping, and material handling responsibilities in the warehouse by supporting the front line staff.

Detail 4/18/2024   Job No. 13127   Apply

Market Analyst

A major Japanese company is looking for a ​​​​​​​Market Analyst.

Detail 4/18/2024   Job No. 13043   Apply

Administration / Temp

Will be responsible for administration in our client's office in Chandler. This position is renewable on an annual basis.

Detail 4/18/2024   Job No. 13266   Apply

Intermediate Administrative Assistant

A Japanese Trading company is seeking an Intermediate Administrative Assistant

Detail 4/18/2024   Job No. 13180   Apply

Others-Other FSQA Manager

Japanese food / Deli company will be seeking FSQA Manager as an opening staff at new facility in Stafford, VA.

Detail 4/18/2024   Job No. 11580   Apply


The Sales Representative will take charge of activities related to the expansion of business service and maintain the customer satisfaction.

Detail 4/18/2024   Job No. 11341   Apply

Service Coordinator

This position is primarily responsible for helping to keep track and publish policies relating to all phases of Service Department activities.

Detail 4/18/2024   Job No. 12099   Apply

Office Administrator

This position is responsible for coordinating and managing a variety of office administration functions including HR support, day-to-day office management and reception, shipping/receiving, purchasing, and sales and service support for various locations of our company. We are looking for a candidate who is able to commute between Scottsdale and Chandler/Ocotillo, AZ to support 2 office locations.

Detail 4/18/2024   Job No. 13231   Apply

Bakery Sales Supervisor

A Japanese bread manufacturer is looking for a sales person to work in their store.

Detail 4/18/2024   Job No. 12412   Apply

Accounting Assistant Manager

Accounting assistant management, such as full cycle accounting operations, supervising two to three accounting assistants

Detail 4/18/2024   Job No. 10648   Apply

Temporary Accountant (Temp)

You will provide support in discussions with the CFO regarding the practical aspects of the finance department.

Detail 4/18/2024   Job No. 13254   Apply

Packing Clerk

Hand packing individual items. Inserting brochures, and air caps. Picking orders.

Detail 4/18/2024   Job No. 11887   Apply

Test Engineer Infotainment

Create new test cases, execute and update to improve the quality of validation in US. • Improve the capability of validation by introducing new tools and ideas. • Provide technical support within validation team or for other groups and customers. • Create and maintain the wiki pages and JIRA dashboards of validation team. • Keep track of validation schedule and communicate each validation team member and follow up or consult manager. • Monitor JIRA tickets submitted by or assigned to team members and follow up or support. • Review test results and JIRA tickets and check if the test was executed correctly or further test is necessary. • Support the collaboration tasks with other teams (Spec/PM/DX/Cert) in SS2 and follow up.

Detail 4/18/2024   Job No. 12195   Apply

Accounting Assistant

Accounting Assistant Data Entry/Bookkeeping for AP & AR

Detail 4/18/2024   Job No. 12089   Apply

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