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Accounting -- Accounting Assistant (Accounting Associate)

Engineering Services is seeking an Accounting Associate.
Experience with Quick Books is required, no other experience is necessary.
This is a part time position with flexible hours, 1 or 2 days per week.

Detail 9/22/2023   Job No. RO12293   Apply

Sales -- Sales Manager

A Japanese global parts supplier is looking for a Sales Manager position.
You will be responsible for managing and directing the segment that accounts for the majority of sales.
The position is visa-supportable, and we are looking forward to receiving positive applications from candidates who speak Japanese fluently and have experience in the automotive parts industry.

Detail 9/21/2023   Job No. MU12289   Apply

Sales -- Other-Sales/ Marketing (Inside Sales)

A Japanese manufacturing company is looking for an Inside Sales person.
Experience in order receiving, order processing, etc. is welcome.
You will be required to come to work 2 or 3 days a week.

Detail 9/21/2023   Job No. RH12287   Apply

Management -- Other-Corporate Management (Localization Supervisor)

A Japanese video game company is looking for a Localization Supervisor.
This position will be responsible for localization through translation, cultural adjustments, etc. to ensure that the company's products are accepted by a global audience.

Detail 9/20/2023   Job No. SH12280   Apply

Sales -- Marketing (PR & Marketing Supervisor)

A Japanese game manufacturer is looking for a PR & Marketing Supervisor.
We welcome those who have a deep knowledge of games and a strong interest in game-related topics and publications.
We are looking for someone with marketing and management experience.

Detail 9/20/2023   Job No. SH12281   Apply

Management -- Other-Corporate Management (Operation Manager)

A Japanese video game manufacturer is seeking an Operations Manager.
In this position, you will lead and supervise the procurement function within the organization and oversee the efficient management and control of all inventory related activities within the organization.

Detail 9/20/2023   Job No. SH12282   Apply

Accounting -- Tax (Tax Accountant)

This position is responsible for tax compliance management duties encompassing compliance with corporate federal, state and local tax rules and regulations, as well as quarterly and annual tax accounting initiatives.

Detail 9/20/2023   Job No. RH12276   Apply

Accounting -- Other-Accounting (Assistant controller)

The primary role of an assistant controller is to assist in overseeing and managing various aspects of the company's financial operations, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and efficient financial management.

Detail 9/19/2023   Job No. SH12279   Apply

Accounting -- Accounting Manager

An IT services company that provides one-stop services as a strategic business partner to its clients is seeking an Accounting Manager to oversee the accounting department in its New York office.

Detail 9/19/2023   Job No. TH12275   Apply

Sales -- Other-Sales/ Marketing (Sales Support Specialist)

Japanese tableware wholesale company is seeking a Sales Support Specialist.
This position requires the individual to provide support and ensure efficient operations for all the sales-related matters. You will support the team through a variety of tasks related to organization, and ensure the day-to-day sales operations run smoothly with high quality and in a timely manner.

Detail 9/15/2023   Job No. AT12245   Apply

Others -- Translator/ Interpreter (Translator and Secretary)

A major Japanese retail group has an opening for an interpreter and secretary position.
We are looking for someone who is good at scheduling.
We are looking for someone who can work in an office with paid vacation, sick leave, and various types of insurance.

Detail 9/15/2023   Job No. SH11952   Apply

Management -- Other-Corporate Management (Ecommerce Manager)

A trading company dealing in apparel is looking for an E-commerce Manager.
The E-commerce Manager will be responsible for developing and implementing merchandising, sales, and marketing plans, as well as managing the e-commerce site.
We are looking for someone with experience managing an e-commerce site to join our team!

*Full remote work from the U.S. and visa support are available.

Detail 9/8/2023   Job No. KI12202   Apply

Administrative -- Customer Service Representative (Customer Service Coordinator)

A leading global provider of International Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, and Supply Chain Solutions is seeking a Customer Service Coordinator in Illinois.

The position is located in either the Import or Export department of “super” or “large” sized branches in the International Division of the company and manages Air and Ocean Import or Export shipments ensuring effective customer service, accurate shipment processing, timely deliveries and troubleshooting errors.

Must be bi-lingual in Japanese and English if assigned to service Japanese accounts.

Detail 9/1/2023   Job No. MU12199   Apply

Finance -- Sales/ Marketing (Corporate Banking Relationship)

A wholly owned subsidiary of a major Japanese bank is looking for a Corporate Sales position.

We welcome applications from anyone with experience in the banking industry, regardless of experience level!
Full remote work from the U.S. and visa support is available.

Detail 8/31/2023   Job No. KI12045   Apply

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