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Job Search services
Our Job Search/Career Change Support Services are completely free for all candidates. To get started, please complete a free online registration with us (you will need a resume written in English).
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If you have limited time, simply send us your resume to .One of our recruiting consultants will contact you shortly.
Global Network
QUICK Group currently offers total human resources services outside the U.S. as well including Japan, the United Kingdom, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, and Netherlands.
Various Seminars
We hold various seminars designed for individuals who want to improve linguistic or computer skills that yield competitive advantage in their job search.
Complete Support
Our experienced recruiting consultants will help you find a job in the U.S. We support each candidate on an individual basis to learn about his/her career goals and needs.
Introduce you
nationwide jobs
Our sales representative has knowledge of various job industry and job types and ensure job requirements before introducing you to a job by visiting or calling an employer beforehand. This also enables us to introduce you to all available jobs in the U.S.
Tips for Resume
& Interview
You can get a professional advice on the content and presentation of your resume as well as practical tips for interview success.
We offer a full support during a recruitment process which includes recommending you an appropriate position, setting up an interview and notifying you about an employer’s decision.



Ms. H


I was working as an auditor, but I wanted to step up my career and consulted QUICK USA about my career change. The recruiting consultant carefully went over the corporate culture and benefits of multiple accounting firms with me. I applied for some of them and received offers from several firms, so I consulted the recruiting consultant again to ask her which offer I should take. The recruiting consultant gave me a professional advice and helped me reach a final decision. Thank you so much for supporting me throughout the process!

Mr. I


I had a work-life balance dilemma and consulted QUICK USA. Soon later that day we had a Skype counselling session where I could clarify my career goal. I am very satisfied that not only did I get a job that pays me better with better benefits, it is also allowing me to have some time to myself.

Ms. S

Administrative Assistant

I was looking for a part-time (3 days/week). At first, I was searching for jobs on my own but it was not going well and almost gave up, so I contacted QUICK USA and not long after, they found me a type of job that I was looking for. The recruiting consultant was attentive and responded me quickly. QUICK USA also negotiated working hours for me. It has been a perfect working environment for me!

アメリカ 求人・転職・就職 求職者様の声

Mr. M

Software Engineer

I used to work at helpdesk. Although I was fairly satisfied with my job, I contacted QUICK USA if there were any openings in Software Development which I had always wanted to do. The recruiting consultant listed me as a candidate and soon I was invited to interviews by several companies. To be honest I was surprised that there were even openings for such a specific job category. I am very happy with my career transition and the current working environment.


Mr. Y


Due to a sudden resignation of one of our employees, I contacted QUICK USA in a rush. We were immediately introduced several candidates who had completed the first screening done by QUICK USA, and we were able to make up the position quickly. The sales person at QUICK USA is so diligent and careful that there has never been a miscommunication. QUICK USA always introduces the right person to us, provides quick service and accommodates our requests. We are very happy with the overall services.

Ms. O

HR Manager

QUICK USA has been helping us with recruiting a full-time and temporary staff for a long time. The sales representative really understands what we do and an ideal candidate for us. As soon as I sent him a job description, he responds me with a list of candidates who are matched with our needs.


Branch Manager

I barely have time for staffing as I am involved in both general and HR personnel affairs. QUICK USA does all the recruiting for us. We can also get the latest information regarding human resources matters through a seminar regularly held by QUICK USA.

Ms. I


As a preparation for entering the U.S. market, I consulted QUICK USA for general recruitment process in the U.S. I had no idea about the U.S. labor laws and they helped me understand the basics. They also supported us with other areas such as accounting outsourcing and personnel and labor. Now I have more time to focus on the business.


A. Yes. Our support services are completely free for all candidates. From registration to employment, there will be no fee. This is because we act as a mediator between a company (an employer) and a job seeker. We receive payments from a company that uses our staffing services.

A. Yes, you can register with us at any time. However, many companies are looking for an applicant who can start working immediately, please let us know your estimated start day in advance. Upon completion of the registration, we will send you the latest job information and other related news. Sooner you act to obtain job related information, easier your job search becomes later, so we recommend you register with us as soon as possible.

A. We accept online registration from anywhere in the world. However, currently it is very difficult to get a work visa in the United States. Applicants must comply with all the requirements for visa application. Please understand that we may be unable to introduce you to jobs (excluding an exceptional case where you hold a special qualification).


About Us

Based in New York, Los Angeles, Orange County, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, and Mexico (Aguascalientes, Queretaro), QUICK USA, Inc. functions as an agency to facilitate job search and career transition for individuals who are currently working in the U.S. as well as students who wish to work for a company in the U.S. after graduation. Our experienced, skilled recruiting consultants will give you a career advice based on your career goals and needs. Using our job search and career change support services, you will discover and land a position that is just right for you.

Our Mission: “Make everyone happy”

We will strive to be reliable, trusted recruiting consultants for a job seeker. Similarly, for an employer seeking employees we will serve to meet your staffing needs as professional recruitment specialists.

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