Our Services and Benefits
Recruitment in the U.S.? Let us handle your staffing.

QUICK USA’s Staffing Services

1. Nationwide Resource of Candidates Managed by Database

QUICK USA advertises in newspapers and magazines nationwide on an ongoing basis to further enhance our pool of qualified candidates. QUICK USA provides extraordinarily capable individuals including Japanese-English bilinguals, CPA and IT professionals, etc. for positions ranging from entry-level to management in a wide variety of industries nationwide. We continue to expand our coverage to meet your needs in every way.

2. Our Experienced Sales Representatives and Recruiting Consultants

QUICK USA's sales representatives and recruiting consultants have extensive experience in all industries and professions will first take time to understand your business to find the right candidate for the position. Understanding our clients’ needs and problems is a core of our services. We offer sincere and quality services to meet your diverse employment needs as your strategic HR partner.

3. Your "External" HR department

QUICK USA, Inc. offers effective, efficient and flexible human resources solutions to serve the diverse needs of today's businesses and organizations. By allowing client companies to procure the services of our talented candidates only when they are truly needed, we support clients' business goals as a professional "external" HR department.

4. Our Contingency Model

There are no fee charges until you hire the right person and are completely satisfied. All services prior to hiring are conducted on a contingency basis. We conduct a comprehensive pre-screening of candidates and offer only those who have required skills and experiences. Through our services, you can reduce recruitment costs.

Our Services

[Full Time Placement]

Nationwide Resource of Candidates

We can find candidates for positions ranging from entry-level to management. QUICK USA’s candidates are qualified to fill a wide variety of positions from administrative to technical in virtually all industries. Please feel free to consult us.

Accurate Matching

We manage nationwide candidates’ information on our latest database and frequently update the information. To avoid the mismatch, we will find the right candidates who have completed our pre-screening and have skills and experiences required for the position.

Your Strategic Hiring Partner

Our experienced, professional sales representatives and recruiting consultants carefully listen to your staffing needs to find only those who fulfill the job requirements. We will take care of the hiring process legwork such as arranging the interview and notifying the candidates of the result. This will reduce your workload drastically.

Our Contingency Model

There are no fee charges until the candidates start working for you. All services prior to hiring are conducted on a contingency basis. Please contact us for details regarding our recruitment services, fees and refund policy due to early resignation.

[Temporary Staffing Services]

Respond to Your Diverse HR Needs

Our temporary staffing services provide carefully screened personnel on a timely basis for your 4 hours per day or longer-term assignments.

Reduce Your Workload

QUICK USA relieves you of the burden of managing pay rolls, tax and Social Security filings, benefit packages, and unemployment insurance for temporary workers.

Reduce Human Resources Costs

With QUICK USA, your costs for workers' compensation, unemployment insurance, employer's tax contributions and health insurance will be reduced by more than 25%.

From Service Inquiry to Hiring

Service Inquiry

Please feel free to consult us about any positions. Assigned sales representative analyzes the job description, required skills and experience to find the best matched candidates.

Screening & Candidate Submission

QUICK USA screens an extensive pool of candidates thoroughly to find individuals who meet your precise requirements. Candidates are fully informed of job responsibilities, and their availability is re-confirmed before we submit resumes, letters of recommendation and other documentation for your consideration.

Resume Selection & Interviewing

Please select the candidates based on the resume and other information we have provided you. We'll take care of arranging interviews and notifying the candidates of the result.

Confirmation & Employment

QUICK USA notifies the chosen candidate of your employment decision, confirms salary, starting date and other details, and provides follow-up services through the first day on the job.

Introduce You To a Potential Business Partner (Accountant, Labor Consultant, etc.)

Nowadays, more and more companies are using outsourcing services to streamline operations and to reduce costs and risks. Upon your request, we will introduce you to an experienced and reliable business partner who matches your business model. You can send us a quote by E-mail. Please feel free to contact us.

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