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Accounting -- Accountant (Lead Accountant)

Japanese major Oil & Gas company is seeking Lead accountant

Detail 5/4/2022   Job No. TY7064   Apply

Accounting -- Accountant

A Japanese Accounting company is looking for Staff Accountant.

4/27/2022   Job No. CN3805   Apply

Accounting -- Accountant

IT software manufacturer is seeking an experienced Accountant, responsible for the closing functions in the company, which includes the invoice processing and other closing items. The Accountant will also oversee disbursements to ensure such activities, including identifying, resolving, and mitigating account/payment delinquencies, are resolved in a timely manner.

Detail 4/22/2022   Job No. CN3706   Apply

Accounting -- Accounting Assistant (AR)

Japanese trading company in Los Angeles is seeking an Accounting Assistant.

Detail 4/11/2022   Job No. CN3779   Apply

Accounting -- Accounting Manager

A Japanese manufacturer is looking for an accounting manager. The company's main business is camera accessories (tripods, etc.), but it also assembles secondary batteries. You will be asked to make monthly income and expenditure reports to Japan, quarterly, semi-annual, and full year consolidated financial statements. Please contact us for details.

Detail 4/6/2022   Job No. MU3117   Apply

Accounting -- Accounting Assistant

Japanese financial service company is seeking an Accounting Assistant. Responsible for properly keeping all records of daily transactions. Currently working from home, may need to go onsite twice a month. Part-time employee

Detail 3/24/2022   Job No. CN3752   Apply

Accounting -- Accountant

Supporting the accounting department and management team by completing routine clerical and accounting tasks such as completing basic bookkeeping and accounting duties for the company.

Detail 3/24/2022   Job No. CN3751   Apply

Accounting -- Accounting Assistant

A Japanese food company is seeking an Accounting & Sales Assistant. This position is responsible for administrative, logistics, and accounting support position for performing functions for the sales department. Additionally, this position is responsible for handling customer service support by responding to questions and complaints and explaining company products by phone and email.

Detail 3/24/2022   Job No. CN3727   Apply

Accounting -- Accountant (Senior Staff Accountant)

Japanese freight forwarding company is looking for Japanese Bilingual Senior Staff Accountant.
Under the direction and supervision of department manager(s), the Senior Accountant is responsible for various tax and government filings, financial reporting and other daily operation accounting functions assigned.

Detail 3/16/2022   Job No. CN3741   Apply

Accounting -- Accountant

A Japanese manufacturer is looking for a new accounting position. The office interior is also fashionable and beautiful. Please contact us for details.

Detail 3/16/2022   Job No. MU3105   Apply

Accounting -- Accountant

Japanese Food Trading company is looking for an Accountant.

Detail 3/10/2022   Job No. CN3731   Apply

Accounting -- Accountant

A Japanese logistics company specializing in chemical products is looking for a new accounting.
It is a job offer that can be widely consulted, including those who have little experience and those who want to take on new challenges. Please contact us for details.

Detail 3/10/2022   Job No. MU3100   Apply

Accounting -- Accountant (HR Support/Accounting Analyst)

looking for a self-motivated team player, a quick but detail-oriented and steady problem solver to support the Japanese restaurant management group.

This is a hybrid Financial HR position, sharing responsibilities with both the Accounting and Human Resources departments.

Detail 3/8/2022   Job No. MU3096   Apply

Accounting -- Accounting Manager

This position will report to the Controller and be accountable for timely, accurate processing of required journal entries and as well as compilation and review of monthly financial statements.
Plans, organizes, directs, and controls the accounting and control function for the company.
Work closely with accounts payable and receivables clerks to ensure timely completion of all monthly schedules.

Detail 3/7/2022   Job No. TT5004   Apply

Accounting -- Accountant

A Japanese Real Estate company is looking for an Accounting Coordinator/ Administrative Assistant.

Detail 3/7/2022   Job No. CN3723   Apply

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