Administrative -- Other-Admin./ Clerical (Operation Assistant)

金融サービス会社にてOperatinal Associateを募集です。
by assisting the managers according to the managers’ instruction, and directly reporting to designated manager in English or Japanese;
by creating company rules/regulations paper and operation manuals in English based on the documents written in Japanese or non-written work flow in practice instructed by manager verbally;
by creating/updating various internal approval documents, sales presentation material, sales contracts, etc. in English and Japanese;
by contacting the clients, banks, venders, parent company (including its affiliates) in English or Japanese via emails or other appropriate measures;
by creating/maintaining credit risk analyst reports in Japanese for new and existing clients based on information such as client’s disclosure papers and financial statements, or outside credit reports written by credit agency according to the manager’s instruction; by undertaking other duties as necessary.

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6/6/2019   求人No. KM8373