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IT -- System Administrator (Business System Coordinator)

日英バイリンガルのIT コーディネーターのポジションです。

Detail 12/6/2023   求人No. KI12330   Apply

IT -- Software Engineer (ERP/ CRM/ etc.)

日系IT企業にてSoftware Engineerを募集しております。日系企業を中心としたお客様向けに、SE・ソフトウェアエンジニアとしてアプリケーション開発を行って頂きます。ハイブリット勤務(週3回程度の出社)※入社後3カ月間は原則毎日出社となります。

Detail 11/20/2023   求人No. MK12539   Apply

IT -- System Support/ Help Desk (Technical Operator)

Work from home. Communication with the customer’s IT department to respond to their
requests and inquiries regarding the ERP system. Operate and maintain the system according to
the research at the event of system failure.

Detail 11/20/2023   求人No. TY12538   Apply

IT -- System Support/ Help Desk (IT Support Specialist)

IT Specialist supports a corporation by ensuring users can access and use computer networks throughout the workday. IT Specialist needs to have deep understanding of hardware and software technology. IT Specialist acts as the front line for the IT division when it comes to the upkeep of company system. Some of the duties include setting up networks, updating old software and hardware, and maintain company IT environment.

Detail 11/17/2023   求人No. MK12532   Apply

IT -- System Support/ Help Desk (IT Hekp Desk)

日系System Integration業界にて、IT Hekp Deskの募集です。

Detail 11/17/2023   求人No. MK12529   Apply

IT -- Quality Assurance/ Tester (Test Automation Script Creator)

We are looking for a Test Automation Script Creator proficient in automation testing methodologies, with analytical skills to structure scripts according to test case requirements. The role involves creating and updating automation test scripts, reporting bugs in JIRA, developing a script roadmap, and managing automation equipment while communicating with stakeholders.

Detail 11/16/2023   求人No. TY12528   Apply

IT -- Project Manager (Project Manager / Scrum Master)

A full-service consulting solutions company in the IT business is looking for a Project Manager with Scrum Master skills and experience working with multiple teams and projects simultaneously in Texas.
*Automotive industry experience is required*

Detail 11/16/2023   求人No. TY12527   Apply

IT -- Project Manager (Project Manager and Field Engineer)

The Field Engineer/ Project Manager assists the project team to ensure the project is done on time safely in accordance with established policies and procedures within budget. Field Engineer/ Project Manager will be expected to coordinate all parties including owner, suppliers, subcontractors, licensors, and other related parties to achieve the project completion in a timely and quality manner.

11/15/2023   求人No. TH12517   Apply

IT -- Other-IT (Cybersecurity Project Technical Lead)

The Cybersecurity Technical Lead reports to the Cybersecurity department head and supports the department by managing critical functions including but not limited to supervising various teams within the department and their day-to-day tasks, demonstrating a unique blend of technical, business development, and management skills, including strategic thinking, planning, implementing projects, and leading the team to mature the cybersecurity business domain.

Detail 11/14/2023   求人No. KS12492   Apply

IT -- System Support/ Help Desk (IT Support Engineer)

JET & STEM OPT &これからIT系の知識を付けたい方必見!

Detail 11/14/2023   求人No. MO12486   Apply

IT -- Quality Assurance/ Tester (Software Verification Tester)


Detail 11/13/2023   求人No. MO12479   Apply

IT -- System Support/ Help Desk (IT Hekp Desk)

日系System Integration業界にて、IT Hekp Deskの募集です。

Detail 11/13/2023   求人No. MK12475   Apply

IT -- IT Sales Representative


Detail 11/9/2023   求人No. MK12465   Apply

IT -- Other-IT (Data Engineer)

ITビジネスにおけるフルサービスのコンサルティングとソリューションを提供する企業がData Engineerを募集!

Detail 10/31/2023   求人No. TY12431   Apply

IT -- Software Engineer (ERP/ CRM/ etc.) (SAP ERP Manager)

ワンストップサービスを提供するITサービス会社がSAP ERP Managerを募集!日英バイリンガルの方。

Detail 10/31/2023   求人No. TH12428   Apply

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