Food Safety and Quality Assurance Manager

Department Responsibilities * Duties for FSQA Department 1. Plan and take an action for prevention and measures related to risks of quality management 2. Tasks related to quality, labeling, and quality controls a) Enter and check the item labels including the shelf life b) Check the labeling to submit to SEI c) Confirm safety of product and materials on steps of product development d) Check the quality of products before shipping e) Check the food safety and quality management of production process f) Analyze the food allergens and radioactivity test of products and materials g) Make, change, and manage the quality assurance system manuals (GMAP, HACCEP, SSOP) h) Tasks related to sanitation of plant equipment and machines 3. Handle and coordinate the food safety inspection and quality assurance a) Handle and coordinate for the government institutes such as USDA, FDA, Local Health Department b) Handle and coordinate for the inspection from Customer (SEI) 4. Collect and analyze the claims from Customers, and make improvements 5. Handle recalls 6. Plan and perform education related to quality assurance (GMP) 7. Check the consistency of data of Food Hub 8. Tasks related to risk managements (disasters, accidents) 9. Perform all other tasks related to the above responsibilities. Management retains the discretion to modify or add duties to the position at any time when the need arises.

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