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Trading/ Logistics -- Warehouse (Warehouse Staff)


Detail 12/7/2023   求人No. KI12620   Apply

Trading/ Logistics -- Export Coordinator (Air/Ocean Export Manager (or Supervisor))

日系物流企業がAir/Ocean Export Manager (or Supervisor)を募集します。

Detail 12/6/2023   求人No. KS12606   Apply

Trading/ Logistics -- Export Coordinator (Air/Ocean Export Manager)

Dallas, Texasにある物流企業がAir/Ocean Export Manager (or SUP)を募集します。

Detail 12/4/2023   求人No. SH12595   Apply

Trading/ Logistics -- Customer Service Representative (Inventory control/Customer service)

Manage receiving orders from customers, ordering to overseas factories, handling logistics and lead-time, managing inventory at the warehouse, and creating shipping documents for shipments.

Detail 12/4/2023   求人No. MU12478   Apply

Trading/ Logistics -- Export Coordinator (Sr. Export Agent)

The Senior Export Agent is responsible for executing all functions related to the successful operation of this position and to provide top notch customer service with continual improvement in mind. The Senior Export Agent will have demonstrated knowledge over a period of at least 5 years and can be relied upon as having expertise in export operations and compliance. Sr. Export Agents mainly handle complex shipments (i_e_ licensed, live/perishable shipments).

Detail 11/21/2023   求人No. TY12548   Apply

Trading/ Logistics -- Import/ Export Coordinator

Ocean transportation service company is seeking Import/Export Coordinator.

Detail 11/15/2023   求人No. MU12519   Apply

Trading/ Logistics -- Other-Freight Forwarder/ Logistics (Packing Clark)

Japanese logistics company is looking for Packing Clark in Houston, TX.

Detail 11/15/2023   求人No. TY12515   Apply

Trading/ Logistics -- Warehouse

Warehouse duties include managing the efficient ordering, storage, organization, and dispatch of goods and merchandise. Primary responsibilities include ensuring accurate control of inventory, quality control, compliance with safety regulations, and a neat and tidy work environment.

Detail 11/15/2023   求人No. TH12507   Apply

Trading/ Logistics -- Import Coordinator (Import Manager)

トーランスにある日系物流企業がImport Managerを募集!物流マネージャー経験、通関士の経験をお持ちの方は是非ご応募ください。

Detail 11/3/2023   求人No. SH12443   Apply

Trading/ Logistics -- Warehouse


Detail 10/27/2023   求人No. TY12417   Apply

Trading/ Logistics -- Other-Freight Forwarder/ Logistics

日系ロジスティクス企業がAir Coordinatorを募集しています。

Detail 10/12/2023   求人No. AT12381   Apply

Trading/ Logistics -- Other-Freight Forwarder/ Logistics (Mold Maintenance)

アラバマ州の半導体製造装置、自動車部品、成形品の製造を専門とする企業にて、Mold Maintenanceを募集しております。

Detail 10/6/2023   求人No. TH12373   Apply

Trading/ Logistics -- Warehouse (Warehouse Supervisor)

アラバマ州の半導体製造装置、自動車部品、成形品の製造を専門とする企業にて、Warehouse Supervisorを募集しております。

Detail 10/6/2023   求人No. TH12374   Apply

Trading/ Logistics -- Import Coordinator

日系大手物流企業がImport Coordinatorを募集しています。

Detail 10/5/2023   求人No. SH12367   Apply

Trading/ Logistics -- Import Coordinator (Import Supervisor)

日系大手物流企業がImport Supervisorを募集しています。

Detail 10/5/2023   求人No. SH12362   Apply

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