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Engineering -- Sales Engineer

Japanese tech company is seeking Sales Engineer. Sales Engineers are involved in all stages of the customer’s development lifecycle and are comfortable using presentations, email, phone and social media to connect with customers. We are looking for team players who can create sales presentations and product demonstrations to prospects, customers, and partners (everyone from developers to project managers to C-level executives) on the best ways to build and deploy applications on platform for their teams. Candidates should be passionate evangelists of the product, empathize with customers’ business needs, and quickly discern technical challenges by asking detailed and clarifying questions and presenting solutions that solve those needs.

Detail 8/19/2019   求人No. RH9203   Apply

Administrative -- Administrative Assistant/ Clerk

ホテル運営会社で派遣Admi Assistantを募集です。

8/13/2019   求人No. KM8395   Apply

Others -- Others-Other (Sales Associate)


8/12/2019   求人No. YS7845   Apply

Administrative -- Administrative Assistant/ Clerk


8/12/2019   求人No. YS7843   Apply

Finance -- Administrator


Detail 8/12/2019   求人No. YS7842   Apply

Accounting -- Tax

会計事務所での期間限定のTax Associateの募集です。日英バイリンガルで税務経験必須。期間は年末までを予定。駐在員、海外赴任者向けの税務処理が中心の職務内容になります。月~金、9時~6時(残業有り)。

Detail 8/6/2019   求人No. YS7837   Apply

Sales -- Sales Representative (Marketing and Sales Rep.)

日系繊維メーカーのアパレル部門でMarketing and Sales Rep.の募集です。

Detail 8/5/2019   求人No. KM8392   Apply

Trading/ Logistics -- Import Coordinator

日系物流企業にて日英バイリンガルのAir Import部署のスーパーバイザーレベルの方を募集。物流オペレーション経験が5年以上ある事が必須(Air, OceanのImport, Exportのどの分野でも経験があれば考慮可)。将来的にマネージャーとしてのキャリアアップの可能性があり。詳細はお問合せ下さい。

7/25/2019   求人No. YS7831   Apply

Administrative -- Research (Research Assistant)

NPO団体でResearch Assistantを募集です。

Detail 7/23/2019   求人No. KM8390   Apply

IT -- Systems Engineer


7/11/2019   求人No. YS7827   Apply

Administrative -- Public Relations (PR Coordinator)

大手飲食チェーンにてPR Coodinatorの募集です。

Detail 7/11/2019   求人No. KM8385   Apply

Others -- Others-Other (Assistant News Producer)

テレビ局にてAssistant News Producerの募集です。
Research news story ideas and create proposals for the company. and affiliates' news programs on a daily basis.

Coordinate with the Engineering department in setting up crews, satellite bookings, coverage requirements and additional outside technical support.

Collect information, set up interviews, and coordinate travel arrangements for any potential news, projects or breaking news.

Go on location and perform troubleshooting, researching, translating, directing, coordinating, driving, editing and footage transmission duties for the company. and affiliates' news programs.

Keep up-to-date with the news through newspapers, news wires, magazines, TV monitors, Internet and Lexis Nexis.

Alert the NY Bureau Chief and/or Foreign News Desk in Tokyo for any breaking news.

Monitor AP and Reuter news sources, newspapers, magazines, television monitors for current and breaking news

7/11/2019   求人No. KM8383   Apply

Administrative -- Other-Admin./ Clerical (Project Assistant)

NPO機関にてProject Assistantポジションの募集です。
① 進出日系企業相談対応の補助業務
② セミナー・ウェビナー、ビジネスツアー、会合等準備・設営業務
③ 各種調査・データ作成のアシスタント
④ 庶務業務全般(電話応対、来客対応、呈茶等)
① 資料作成は原則日本語だが、英語での読解・各種対応が可能であること。
② 庶務業務全般を臨機応変且つ積極的に対応ができること
③ 基本的なWord, Excel, Power Pointスキルを有していること。

6/27/2019   求人No. KM8381   Apply

Administrative -- General Affairs

* Answers and directs telephone calls; Takes and fransters messages ; as necessary.
* Greets and assists on-site visitors, guests, clients and vendors, determines nature of business and
* announces/forwards to appropriate personnel.
* Serves tea and refreshments to visitors and clients, etc.
* Receives, sorts and distributes daily mails to appropriate personnel.
* Checks general email of the Branch, and forwards to appropriate personnel.
* Manages and maintains office and break room supplies.
* Provides assistance in proofreading documents written in English and edits them appropriately.
* Translates documents for internal operation purposes.
* Arranges reservations, such as hotel, flight and restaurant, etc. for staff. Prepares expenses, such as all Branch related payments, entertainment and reimbursement.

Detail 6/26/2019   求人No. KM8380   Apply

Trading/ Logistics -- Import/ Export Coordinator (Japanese/English Bilingual)

日系企業にてLogistics Specialistを募集。日英バイリンガル(日本語は会話~ビジネスレベルでも応募可)、物流経験(物流会社、商社でのロジ経験でも検討可)必須。6か月間のテンプ勤務後、正社員への登用有り。月~金、9時~5時。

Detail 6/21/2019   求人No. YS7816   Apply

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